Zeb V & Vallie Reece  
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Some dates are approximate.
1945 Nellie, Alice and Vivian
Ca. 1946 Jane, Alice, Clifford
Lucille and little Vivian & Nellie
ca 1948
Reece girls ca 1949
Jane, Nellie, Vivian, Alice
Nellie, Jane, dog, Vivian Alice
Mid 1940s somewhere - Jane has a
Homer High School uniform on
ca 1959
Lucille, Janice, Jane, Vivian, Nellie, Alvin
Zeb, Vallie, Clifford, Alice
Alice, Nellie, Vivian
unknown year
Family gatherings - unknown year, but
has to be late 50s maybe early 60s
May 1972
Alvin, Clifford
Alice, Janice and Vivian
Unknown year, but its in NC so after
they moved to Candler, NC in 1965
1991 Alice, Jane, Nellie, Vivian
1991 Alvin, Vance, Clifford
2000 Clifford, Alice, Alvin
1991 Vivian Clifford Vance Alvin
Nellie, Alice, Jane
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