Vivien Lee Reece
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Zeb Reece and Vallie McClure--Reece’s youngest daughter, Vivien Lee Reece, was born on June 10, 1941, in Akron, OH. She was born at home
while they lived (according to the 1940 census) at 1542 Woods Road on a house overlooking the airplane factory and the dirigible hanger. That
area is now Akron Fulton Airport. The 1940 census says Zeb was purchasing it on land contract. I have created a
Timeline that will show you when
the family lived and where.  It was compiled from various documents I have found over the years.

Census records can be found on her parent's pages (
Zeb Reece and Vallie McClure).
Notes on the house: 1542 Woods Rd, Akron, OH is a single family home that contains 672 sq ft and was built in 1930. It contains 1 bedroom
and 1 bathroom.
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A printed copy of The McClure Family History - her mother's family, can be found here:
And In Closing
Vivien was 22 and was still living at home in the house at 4421 Manchester Rd in Akron, when she married Larry Irving Neitz on 20 JUL 1963
(per wedding license) in Akron, OH. Larry (son of Lawrence Neitz and Mamie Scybule) was born on Jan 14, 1936, in Barberton, OH. The
marriage license says his occupation is an Operator and hers is an Assembly Worker. Her obituary says she retired from a company called
Dayco where she worked in the plastics and shipping department. Larry and Vivien had one daughter.
Interesting note that Rev. Charles
Billington performed the service. He
was the lead pastor at the (then) mega
church, The Akron Baptist Temple.
She married a second time to Ray Wright possibly on Sept 01, 1977.  Ray was born July 25, 1918 and died July 10, 1985 (FAG #47999765).
He had a daughter from a previous marriage named Dorothy (who passed away young) and there were three other step-children. At her time
I only have one strong memory of her and that was one time all of us children were staying the night at Grandma and Grandpa
Reece’s house on Manchester Road in Akron. Probably in the early 1960’s and I imagine before her wedding.  She was on a
sleeper sofa in the living room, she invited me up then she and I watched Zorro on TV.  
Most of these great photos came to me from Aunt Vivien's daughter, Wanda. Such a treasure trove! I really appreciate her sending them my way
and I have done my best to honor my family in the way I use them.Vivien, as the youngest daughter, had her photo taken a lot! Since I don’t have a
lot of family information about her – the photos will be her ‘story’.
This is the earliest photo I found.        
Somewhere in the late 1940s          
Having fun in a wheelbarrow!
Another early picture,
Vivian and her dog.  
Most likely pre-1950      
School photo, about 11 years old
1951-1952 Homer Elem. Ohio
I am guessing this sassy shot was
taken ca. 1955
Most of these great photos came to me
from Aunt Vivien's daughter, Wanda.  
Such a treasure trove!  I really
appreciate her sending them my way
and I have done my best to honor my
family in the way I use them.
She had lots of friends and was a snazzy dresser!
I believe this next series of photos were taken about 1956
A random unknown winter.
Vivien and Nellie in the snow
About 16 years old.
I am not sure what the occasion was
but her and sister Nellie both got gifts.

Dated September 1957
One of those embarrassing Christmas
morning photos
Vivien and (I think) her sister Nellie.
Do you know who the little boy is?
I don’t have any idea what date to give this
Photo of Vivien and (I think) sister Nellie
Was Vivien a Majorette in high school?
Sure looks like she is holding a baton.
I believe this was taken later in the 1950s, sitting out by the house, possibly with a boyfriend?
I am betting she was at least a Senior                                
In high school in this one. (w/ Nellie maybe)
Looks like high school graduation to
me. ca. 1959
1960 ish
1962 Perhaps Easter
one alone & one with sister Nellie
Vivien and her Aunt and Uncle Dow
and Mable       July 1963
Vivien turns 23
More photos - but big time jump!
Vivien with her quilt.
ca 1980
There are more family photos that have Vivien in them
located on Zeb and Vallie’s pages. Look for Zeb Reece or
Vallie McClure on the navigation bar and scroll to find the
links to photos.
One more thing
I recently discovered that the possibility exists that Vivien was born a twin. According to a family story told by Great Uncle Dow Reece to my Uncle Vance,
Vallie did have a child that died due to drinking unpasteurized milk.  It was very common for this to happen before testing procedures became available
because pasteurization was not usually done on local farms. Unfortunately, there is no one around to validate this official record I located.

I place this information here and if I get any further on the topic I will share it with you.
Snipped photo from and I will take care of it promptly!
Her obituary said she was a widow so she never remarried after Ray.

Per Find A Grave Memorial
133457827 She was cremated and the location of her ashes is unknown
There is also a previous Find A Grave Memorial #
8392931 I an working to get the two merged into a single memorial.