1748 - 1814

(Transcription shown with corrections for clarity)
Found at Carter County, Tennessee and mailed to me by Melissa Moreland Clerk and Master
I received this in response to an email I sent because the Tennessee Archives took my money and
replied via email that they didn’t have anything that it must be at the courthouse.  The lady who sent
the will called me and sent me the copy that is found as a jpg below.  (Norma Stamp 2011)

Near as I can tell, the text reads as follows:

           In the name of God Amen the 16th of April in the year of our Lord 1814 I Valentine Reece
    of Tennessee State in Carter County being perfect min and memory thanks be to God there
    four calling unto mind the mortality of my body and knowing that it is appointed for all men once
    to die do mark and ordain this my last Will and testament that is to say principally & first of all I
    give and recommend my Soul unto the hands of God that gave it & for my body I recommend it
    to the Earth to be buried in a Christian like and dutiful manner at the discretion of my wife
    nothing doubting but at the General reformation I shall receive the Savior again by the power of
    God & As t… … worldly estate as it had pleased God to bless me in this life I give desire and
    dispose in the following manner and …the first place I give and bequeath my home … with
    houses to my wife Christenah during her widowhood & further I give and bequeath to my wife
    Christenah one half dozen pewter plates with …dishes and one basin with one large pot and
    oven to be her property to be at her discretion as her own property with her bedding and all
    other household furniture that I know have in possession & further I give and bequeath to my
    wife one bay mare by the name of …, one cow by the name of hart to be her property during
    her widowhood in the next place I give & bequeath to my son Daniel one hundred acres of land
    that I now live on that is to be his right and property with … himself after the death of his mother
    or shall seas to be in widowhood and further  I give an bequeath to my son Daniel one Sheuger
    (Sugar) Camp lying on the waters of Cove Creek beginning on a ash tree running East thence
    South for a compliment of fifty acres & further I give and bequeath to my son Daniel all my
    farming tools and I give and bequeath the rest of my goods and property to be equally decided
    between my other nine children and I ordain this plan for my Executors to choose three good
    approved…trusted men to lay of and give to each his sheeve like wise I constitute mark and
    ordain my worthy sons John & Jacob Reece to be my executors of this my last will and
    testament and I do hereby disallow and disannul all other legacy or wills by me held more or left
    a biding and confirming in this and no other confirming this and no other by be my last will and
    testament in witness where of I have hereunto set my name and seal the day and year above

    Signed sealed and delivered in …

    [Witnessed by:]

    Abner Smith
    Jarret Arnold         Jurat
    Hugh Eggers         Jurat
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According to the old Bob Jones Website:

    Valentine died in 1814 in Trade TN and was buried in Modock Road Cemetery in possibly
    what is considered the old "Reece" cemetery on Modock Road. There are twenty-plus
    gravesites but there are no legible inscriptions. It is believed this land in Trade, TN was
    probably the same homestead where Columbus Reece lived.

    Note: Left to Valentine (1814) by his father: land which was on the left hand side of
    Modock Road (including the "Reece" cemetery, the Rhonda Reece place, Grandpa Don
    Reece's farm (parts of which he purchased from sister Gladys) over to hwy 167.

    This may warrant a stop in that neighborhood next time I travel to the mountains.
    GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 36.34591, Longitude: -81.72888

Note:  Source website is being revised and some of this information may change-stay tuned.
Note the proximity of the State line.

    Reece, Christina Harmon (FAG Memorial (#100860542)
    b. 1748 d. 1848

    Reece, Daniel  
    b. 1795 d. 1845

    Reece, Hugh
    b. 1810 d. unknown

    Reece, Jacob     
    b. 1772 d. 1843

    Reece, Joanna Eggers
    b. unknown d. unknown

    Reece, Johann Valentine Felty     (FAG Memorial #100860497)
    b. 1750 d. Apr. 16, 1814

    Reece, John
    b. 1809 d. Jan. 5, 1905

    Reece, Larkin    
    b. 1836 d. 1905

    Reece, Lucreta Smith
    b. unknown d. unknown

    I offer this so the information does not get lost, but it will require further research.