1742 - 1814
    Johann Valentine Reece2 (Johan Jacob Ries1) was born  01 MAI 1742 • Württemberger Hof,
    Schwabisch Hall, Baden-Württemberg, Germany and died on 16 APR 1814, Trade, Carter County,
    TN; possibly buried in Modock Rd. in the Reece Cemetery (findagrave memorial, undocumented
    100860497)  (Source: This has not been
    verified, but is logical since his will was filed in Carter County, TN. See his "In Closing" page for more
         Note:  The owner of the above link has requested I deactivate it while updates are being done.

    He married Anna Christina Harmon on 06 April 1769 in Rowan County, NC (See below). She was the
    daughter of Johanne Herrmann who was born in 1748 and died ca. 1848 in Trade, Johnson County,

    Note: Johann Valentine Reece is never known by Johann, always by Valentine or Felte, Felle or  
    Phealty.  His last name appears as Rees, Rease, or Reece.  “Felty” is a German nickname related
    to Valentine.  FYI:
Tracking our Ancestor

  1. John Reece – b: 1770 in Wilkes County, NC; d: 02 AUG 1840 Ashe County, NC; m: Sarah Eggers (b:
    ca 1780; d: ca. 1852)
  2. Jacob Reece – b: 1772, Deep Creek, Watauga/Yadkin County, NC; d: 1843, Trade, Johnson County,
    TN; m: Hannah Silvers (daughter of Hugh Silvers and Joannah Green; b: 1778, Carter County or
    Johnson County, TN; d: 1860 Johnson County, TN)
  3. Anthony Reeceb: 03 SEP 1774, Surrey/Rowan County, NC; d: JAN 1870, Pigeon, Haywood
    County, NC
  4. Valentine Reece, Jr. – b: 1774 Watauga County, NC; d: 1873, Trade, Carter County, TN; m:  Joannah
    Eggers (b: Abt. 1787 NC)
  5. Hannah Reece – b: 14 MAR 1777, Watauga County, NC
  6. Mary Reece – b. 1778, Watauga County, NC; m: Jacob Waggoner
  7. Isaac Reece – b: 03 DEC 1788, Wilkes County, NC; d: 01 JAN 1864 Johnson City, Washington
    County, TN
  8. Daniel Reece – b: 1792 Carter County, TN; d: OCT 1850, Johnson County, TN
  9. Anna Reece – b: 14 March 1777 (?)
  10. Elizabeth Reece – b: 03 AUG 1784; Watauga County, NC; d. 09 SEP 1869, Ellejay, Blount County, TN;
    m: James Davis II
The early Reeces, Johan Jacob and Johann Valentine, are pretty well documented in early North Carolina
history.  I have made an effort to locate scans of the records when I learned of them and will continue to
information here.  I have tried my best to make it clear.

    Peggy Fuller indicates on some of her earlier research that Valentine Rees was found on a very
    early State Census. I am looking for a scan of the page, but was able to receive verification that his
    name is on the list after requesting a lookup on  They sent me this – it
    matches what Peggy’s notes say.  Good enough for me for now!

    Census Index: Colonial America, 1607-1789
    Rees, Valentine        State: NC                County: Rowan Co.                Year: 1762
    There are indications that Valentine had started purchasing his own land, near his father’s property,
    before he was married.  He shows up on the Tax List of Rowan County 1757-1800 with a listing in
    1768 on the Rowan County Tax List of Morgan Bryan, CRX244, Rowan, NC State Archives,  Davie
    County area.  He is listed on the transcription that I found as: Vallentine Ress.

    He also appears according to same lookup by www.ancestral findings on this entry in the Census
    Index of Colonial America, 1607-1789:  

    Rees, Valentine        State: NC                County: Rowan Co.                Year: 1768
Valentine Reece married Anna Christina Harmon on April 6, 1769.  Christina was also German and the
daughter of Johanne Herrmann (Harmon), who was a neighbor.

    Note:  Regarding Christina’s father – From Peggy Fuller’s research

    In 1774, Christina's father, John Harman, died in Tyrone County, North Carolina.  Source:
    BGSOTC- May 1997 page 58:  Written 12 Feb 1774, Proved October 1774.  

    Province of North Carolina, and County of Tryon Yeoman, gives to MARY, wife one third of my
    Estate and to my three oldest sons John, Anthony, & David.  Thirdly all Moveables are given to my
    Five Daughters and one son Namely as Christina, Mary, Susanah, Elizabeth, Anna and Daniel.  
    Wife Mary is named Executrix, with Son Anthony Executor.  

    I believe that this part of Tyron County is now Rutherford County today.
1753-1868 Courtesy of

Click the image for a larger view.
The marriage is also listed on this
registry. Note the names
have changed spelling.

Click on the image for a larger view.
    I have found some confusing mentions of property he supposedly owned.  I am not sure if it is
    because the county and state borders were in flux at the time or he just owned land all over the
    place.  I am continuing to search for proof.  

    That being said, some notes show him found on the 1772 Rowan County Tax list of William Sharp
    (Davie County) along with John Hamel.

    It is also said that he is also listed on the 1772 William Sharp tax list and Surry Co. NC tax list of
    Capt. Wright - Strangeman Hutchens listed above and Benjamin Clanton below his name.

    From: Records of The Moravians of North Carolina, Vol 2, 1752-1775, page 790.  

    When Father Soelle, a local missionary for the Moravians (see Johan Jacob Ries story),
    was there in June 1772 he found that the old man had recently died.  His son, (Johann)
    Valentine Ries, continued the friendship with Soelle; he had either lived with his father or
    near by.  “The people about here are wild,” and (Johann) Valentine had a good deal to
    endure from their jeers, because of his religious tendencies.”  

    On one visit it was recorded that “many English had gathered, as Mr. Cook was to preach
    to them.” “All the Germans here understand English, also.”  “The Baptists were also very
    active in seeking members in this neighborhood.”

    "Having preached at Ries', Soelle went to George Lang's (Long's) for the night.  Lang lived
    in what was known as Miller's Settlement on Deep Creek.  The plantation of Christian Miller
    can be seen on the map of 1771; it was some miles above Ries."

    In Valentine’s father’s will, written almost a year before his death, (July 22, 1771, in Rowan/Surry
    County, NC) he left most of his estate, including land, to Valentine.  (See his father’s story for
    image of the will and more detail.)

    From: Records of The Moravians of North Carolina, Vol 2, 1752-1775, page 803.  

    Soelle died on May 4, 1773 and on July 23rd Richard Utley, his replacement, set out on a
    tour of the homes and preaching places in the direction of Deep Creek.  

    From his diary:  

    “…July 28, 1773.  Preached in Valentine Reese’s house to about two hundred people,
    called on John Jones; spent the night with Robert Ellrod.”
    Valentine Rees appears (along with Thomas Hadley-whose father signed Jacob Ries’ will) on the
    1775 Surry County NC Tax List of John Hudspeth.

    Valentine “Felty” Reece and wife Christina had 10 children. Originally they set up housekeeping
    near Valentine’s father on the south side of Deep Creek in Rowan County (now Yadkin).  

    From: Records of The Moravians of North Carolina, Vol 2, 1752-1775, page 864.

    Then in June 1775 Utley again was in the Deep Creek area:  “The 24th he preached on
    Dutchman’s Creek, having recently received a second invitation to come; nearly all the
    German settlers in the neighborhood were present, they still feel the blessing of the
    departed Father Soelle’s labors among them.  From the 25th to the 27th he visited the
    homes of his hearers in Bryant’s settlement, and had many blessed conversations with
    them. The 29th he preached in German in the home of Valentine Ries, on Deep Creek.  On
    the 30th he returned happily to Salem.”
In 1777 the Constitution was adopted and on June 27, 1777, Valentine Reece took the Oath of.
Allegiance to the Pennsylvania and the United States.
    I found mention, but no record, that Valentine received land in 1784 near Spring, Long, Blalock,
    Reneger Land - situated off the South fork of Deep Creek near Fish Creek, same county.

    Another such sale reports that on February 20, 1784 Valentine Reese sold land to Benjamin
    Clanton for 120 pounds consisting of 180 ac S side Deep Creek adj Peter Sprinkle. Signed
    Thomas (X) Clanton, John (X) Gwaltney and John James

    (Source and Surry County, NC Abstracts Deed Books A,B,C 1770-1788,
    page 66: c:82, 83).
On July 7, 1784, the Will of Samuel Guinn indicates that Valentine Reese was both witness to the
inventory and sale of the Estate. Instructions left were that Valentine and Samuel’s wife were to
son William to some good trade”.
 The same Will says that Surry County Minutes of Court of P & Q S
show that Valentine Reese qualified (probably as executor)16 February 1785, inventory returned 14
November 1787.  Within the inventory of
Saml Gwin it says that the Estate Sale was handled by his
wife, Deborah Guin and Valentine Reese.  Among the buyers were various Guin relatives, Valentine
Reece and William Zachary  who bought a sundial for one shilling.
(From Surry County, North Carolina, Wills, 1771-1827. Annotated genealogical abstracts By Jo White

Note: (by P. Fuller):  There are many references in Jo White Linn’s book to Abraham Reese who lives
on the North Fork as opposed to Valentine and Jacob who are on the South Fork.  In 1785 Abraham
Reese was ordered as overseer,... road from Scritchfields ford to Round Hill).  They were clearly in
the same area but any relationship is unlikely since this research confirms the German ancestry of
Valentine and his father Jacob.
The traveling Moravians stopped by again.  This from North Carolina Historical Commission. Records
of the Moravians in North Carolina, page 2049, dated Feb 11, 1784:

    “The weather was cloudy, with some sleet.  Br. Lorenz, who spent last night with George
    Lang, went with him to the home of Valentine Reis, where a service was held for several
    families and two little children were baptized, Daniel Gross and Catharine Habes."   

(He then went to Bethabara.  Bethania is near Bethabara in NC.)

From the Bethabara Church Book - Baptisms:

    Daniel Gross b. Jan 9, 1784, Parents Simon and Magdalena Gross.  Sponsors  Valentine
    and Christina Ries.  

Also in 1784, Valentine Reese is listed on the historical map of Yadkin County near his father
    Valentine continued to raise his large family on Deep Creek, and appears in court records up
    until 1787. Here is what Peggy Fuller found – I am not sure what they mean, but will continue to
    research and hope to be able to add scans of these proceedings at a future date:

    1.        Source: Surry County, NC Court Minutes Vol I & II 1768-1789  page 77 - 13 Aug 1785 -
    Valentine Reese vs Gibson Wooldridge; Matthew Brooks, witness for Pltf., 60 miles, 17 days;
    George Holcomb, witness Deft., 32 miles, 6 days.

    2.        page 74 - 1785 - Ordered James Sanders, Junr., John Wright, Airs Hudspeth, John
    Williams (l.T.), Valentine Reese, Peter Sprinkle, Thomas Callion, little John Williams, Thomas
    Williams, Nicholas Hutchins view road from James Sanders on Hunting Creek to Yellow Bank
    Ford on Yadkin River near Richmond.
    I located a “List of Capt. Wright’s Distr. (Surry County) Number of Inhabitants Taken by William
    Cook, Feby, 1786” What follows is a scan of a page of a North Carolina State Census for 1786.

    It says that Valentin Rees is the head of household and that living there are:  1 white male 21-
    60; 4 white males under 21 and above 60; and 5 white females. It is not known who the older
    man living in the home is, because Both Valentine and Christina's fathers are deceased by now.
Click on the picture for the full image.
    I think we are pretty lucky to have this information at all!  It was so early on and in an article
    accompanying the above page – regarding the 1786 Surry County Census:

    The State census is missing several districts…The Surry court ordered the justices in each of
    its fifteen districts to take the census on 15 November 1785, and at the following court on 16
    February 1786 thirteen of the fifteen districts had returned a census.  Surry’s census was
    returned to the State that same month.  The two missing districts were Lewis’s and Adkins’ and
    included all of northern present Yadkin County.  It appears, though, that other districts were
    either subsequently lost or were incomplete.  Luckily, both the 1785 and 1786 tax lists survive,
    from which we can determine the number and locations of the adult males.   
    Sale of his land was also mentioned in the will and estate of William Zachery to the effect:

    (Source: Surry County, North Carolina, Wills 1771-1827:  annotated genealogical abstracts by
    Jo White Linn and found in the North Carolina Archives)

    SCDB D:205, Dated 18 Feb 1788, Valentine Reese (sold land) to William Zachary for 140
    pounds, 136 acres on S Fork of Deep Creek adj Peter Sprinkle being land granted by Granville
    to (Valentine’s father) Jacob Reese 20 Feb 1761 and by his will to Valentine Reese.
    It appears that these are among some loose estates papers at the NC Archives
    for William Zachery dated 1827.

    Anyone live nearby that can go digging?
    After twenty years of marriage, Valentine and Christina sold the remainder of the family's land in
    next ten years he acquired several more tracts of land: some adjacent to the initial grant, one on
    Cove Creek, one on New River, and finally a purchase on Sept. 8, 1802 of 100 acres.

    Note: Land Grants were not free lands, but purchased.  

    Note: Ashe County was created in 1799 from Wilkes County and Watauga was created from the
    "Felle" Reece is listed in the Wilkes County census in 1790, in the Eighth Company, which
    included the area now in Watauga County on line 16 in the left column.  In the household are one
    white male over 16, 5 white males under 16 and 4 white females.

    I figure that Valentine is the one male over 16, but the 5 boys under 16 don’t quite match up, I can
    guess 3 would be Anthony, Valentine, Jr., and Isaac.  The 4 females match depending on if you
    are counting Christina as one and not figuring in Anna who is a question mark.  There is a large
    gap in the births on the information I have (1778-1788) so there could be a few boys born who did
    not live. (See list of children below.)
Click on cutout for larger image.
Column headings for all census years can be found here.
Thumbnails or cutout census images
are used to facilitate page loading.
    Valentine, like his father, was an adamantly religious man, and he and his children fill the rolls of the
    church west of the Allegheny Mountains and was founded in 1790.  Three Forks Church was located in
    Reece clan is almost all accounted for on those Church Rolls before 1799:

    Christeana Reese
    Valentine Reese
    John Reese
    Jacob Reese
    Valentine Reese, Jr.
    Hannah Reese
    Anna Reese
    Mary Reese
    Eliz. Reese
    Isaac Reese
    Anthony Reese
    Sarah Reese
    The next transaction we know of was dated 17 OCT 1796: Land patent No 1192 in Wilkes County for
    Valentine Reese, of 100 acres; Grant # 1356, Entry 194, entered June 25, 1795, book #90, page 9,
    Location: "on the waters of Cove Creek."
We find yet another land purchase in 1799.  This is verified by referring to Peggy Fuller’s notes and  This page is about
Ashe County, North Carolina Land Grants from 1799 – 1936. The information on the above web page
is organized by the primary grantee, others listed on the grant and dates of grant activity.  It shows
lots of Reeces and says: (The columns are: Grantee, Date 1, Date 2 and Comments.)
Other notes found say that this land was "on the waters of New River" on the "Little Fork of
Howard's Creek". This land was probably near the 1787 grant in Wilkes County-now Watauga
County (just north of Boone, NC). Click
here for an image of the entry and transcription.
Creek Baptist Church. When some of the family moved to Cove Creek they were some of the first
Creek Baptist Church. When some of the family moved to Cove Creek they were some of the first
members of the Cove Creek Baptist Church.Creek Baptist Church. When some of the family
moved to Cove Creek they were some of the first

The membership rolls show the following Reeses:

Reese, Rebeccah
Reese,Valentine, Sr
    In 1800, he appears on Page 87, Line 5 of the census for Ashe County NC, as do his sons
    tale that there were 4 males and 5 females in the household.  If I am reading the column
    headings correctly (See column headings here ) that means that his oldest boys, John
    (now 30), Jacob (28) and Anthony (26) were out on their own. The numbers match with
    children: Valentine, Jr. (25), Isaac (13), Daniel (5); then Hannah (24), Mary (23), Elizabeth
    (14) and Anna (3). The older sons show up on lines 7, 8, and 9 on the same census page.
    Both Johann Valentine and Christina are over 45 years old.
    On the 8th of September 1802, Valentine Reece purchased 100 Acres of land on the head
    waters of Roans Creek, formerly in Wilkes County NC that is now located in Carter County
    TN.  Here in Trade, near the new TN/NC line, on property that has been known as the "Old
    Bowers Place" (located to the NW of Modock Road) they lived out the remainder of their
    years. (Source: Abstracts of the Deeds of Carter County,TN 1796-1825 by Mary McIver
    1985 per Peggy Fuller.)
    A census for 1810 was located, In Wilkes County.  On the second page, line 18. It gives
    the name “Jake D(R)ees” but the ages (Daniel would be between 10-15), J at 45+ as well
    as a female in the same age bracket would fit. If this is not the right one, then I have been
    unable to locate the family for this census period.

    Due to the fluctuation of the border between North Carolina and Tennessee they were in
    Wilkes County in 1790 (as the census shows) yet the same area was in Carter County, TN
    by 1830.
Click on cutout for larger image.
Link to full document is in above paragraph.
Click on cutout for larger image.
Link to full document is in above paragraph.
Click on cutout for larger image.
Link to full document is in above paragraph.
Column headings for all census years can be found here.
On the 1840 Census of Johnson County Tennessee, several Reece’s are found (Pg 1 & Pg
2).  Valentine’s son, Issac, is among them.  Christina (wife of Johann Valentine Reece) is found
according to an article by Asa Reece in The History of Watauga County she lived to be 96.
This Daniel would be our
Anthony's brother.

Valentine Reece is also mentioned in his son’s (John) wife (Sarah) father’s will which I originally
found at

    The document says in part

    …  I also bequeath to said Johana [sic] the debt comeing [sic] from Valentine
    Reece for her support [for] her life time.  I also ordain that at her death she
    dispose of what property she leases at her own discretion…  Fourthly I give and
    bequeath John Reece [,] Valentines son, one set of black smith Tools.  Fifthly I
    request and by this will ordain that all of my just debts be paid, out of the debts
    that is owing to me and the over … if any I want divided in the following manner
    first, ten Dollars in cash to each of Mary Fords Eleven Children & each of
    Valentine Reece Children have each Ten Dollars in trade…I will and ordain that
    my worthy friends Valentine Reese & G W Benghaw/Bingham be my Executors to
    execute the above will and make the distribution of my effects as I have
    prescribed in writing. Landrine Eggers

    From the "Autobiography of Asa Reece":

    Valentine Reece came from Germany about the year 1750.  He married Christina
    Harmon (Harman).  They spent the latter part of their lives on Roan Creek, now
    known as the "Old Bower Place", Trade, TN.  They brought up nine children, all of
    whom lived to an old age.  They were of the Baptist persuasion; were very pious
    and were surrounded by an abundance of luxuries of life.


    Trade, TN is an unincorporated community in Johnson County, Tennessee. The
    easternmost community in the state, it is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, at the
    headwaters of Roan Creek, approximately 7.5 miles southeast of Mountain City, on
    Highway 421. Trade is approximately 17 miles from Boone, North Carolina.

    Trade is the oldest community in Tennessee. It originated in the 18th century as "The
    Trade Gap," a trading post established for Native Americans, pioneers, and fur traders
    to buy and sell their wares. It was located on an old buffalo trail between Snake and Rich
    Mountains, the easiest route through the mountains to the West.
See And In Closing for Johann
Valentine Reece's  Last Will and
    Around the same time as Johann Valentine's 1799 Howard's Creek grant was issued, his
    son, Anthony, received a grant for 76 acres on Cove Creek, across Harmon's Knob from
    Howard's Creek, at Zionville, NC, near the little hamlet called Trade (now in Tennessee). I
    wonder if these activity dates mean he owned the land from 1801-1820?
    I uncovered one such land grant in the State Archives of North Carolina. Microfilm Call # S.
    108.160.17N, Frame 578.

    Philty Rease – Wilkes (now Watauga County, NC) Entered 1787, Issued 1789. for 200 acres on
    Click HERE to read the transcription.
Because I wanted to know - I looked up
poles and chains as measurements for

1 pole = 16.5 feet
4 poles = 1 chain
1 chain = ~66 feet