My grandmother, Vallie Jane McClure was born on 29 JUL 1900 in Young Harris, Towns County, GA.  She married Zeb
    Reece on 07 SEP 1924. She died on 07 MAY 1973 in Lodi, Medina County OH. They are buried in Greenlawn
    Cemetery, Perrysville, OH.  

    Vallie appears in quite a few photographs as a young woman. Many of the pictures are taken with her young family and
    more appear on her father’s (Henry Alexander McClure) and husband’s (Zeb Reece's) pages.  

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on her
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1924 Wedding
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April.  It shows Zeb V (28), VANNIE J (30) Alvin D (4 11/12), Lucille (3 11/12), Vance H (1 3/12) living in the Cottage
Grove Allotment on Brookside Road.  They are renting for $15 (a month) and Zeb is employed as a laborer at a
    In the 1940 Census are buying the house on land contract for $15 and do not live on a farm.  Vallie is designated
    as the person giving the answers to the Census questions.  From this census we learn that Zeb is now 38 and
    Vallie is 39 (her birthday is after the census) They are buying the house on land contract for $15 and do not live
    on a farm.  VALLIE is designated as the person giving the answers to the Census questions.  From this census we
    learn that Zeb is now 38 and VALLIE is 39 (her birthday is after the census). Zeb is employed as a cement mixer in
    All of Zeb and Vallie’s children, who were born in Ohio, were born at home; the last two on Woods Road
    overlooking the Akron Airport after coming back from North Carolina after the strike. Per my research somewhere
    between 1930 and 1935 the family lived on Archwood St, In Akron, OH, where several children were born.  Per
    Alvin they also lived near Firestone Plant in an apartment close to the Plant where Alvin went to grade school. I
    believe that this was most likely the Kenmore address (see Timeline).
Tracking our Ancestor
George Batton (b: 14 APR 1908; d: 14 MAY 1998; son of William Batton and Elizabeth Gaines; Buried Charlotte, NC) on 26
MAR 1960 in Barberton, OH
(Per marriage license application)
  1. Vance Henry Reece– b: 17 DEC 1928, Akron, OH; m: Eleanor Giuriceo on 09 SEP 1951 (b: 14 MAY 1927, Bronx,
    NY; d: 30 JUN 2015)
m:b: 03 MAR 1930, IN; d:  2010 (cremated); Both interred Western Reserve Cemetery for Veterans in Rittman, 29 OH
  1. Janice Marie Reece– b: 18 APR 1932, Akron, OH; d: 06 MAR 2015 (cremated-interred with George in Burbank OH);  
    m: George Emerson (d: 2007) on 09 SEP 1951; divorced 06 JAN 1977
  2. Beulah Jane Reece– b: 19 SEP 1933, Akron, OH; d: 11 MAR 2015 (buried Lozier Family Cemetery (formerly Pedigo
    Cemetery) Bugtussle, KY); m: Albert Lozier on 21 SEP 1951 (b: 17 MAR 1933; d: 29 JUL 2011)
  3. Alice Mae Reece– b: 28 JAN 1935, 18 W. Archwood Ave, Akron, OH; d: 17 JAN 2016 (buried with Bobbie in Jefferson
    Memorial Gardens, Hoover, AL)  m#1: Richard Minch; m#2: Bobbie Canada on 05 JUL 1977 (b: 25 JUL 1936; d: 10
    DEC 1990)   
  4. Nellie Ann Reece– b: 20 MAY 1940, Akron, OH; m#1: Fred Hackman (son of Ralph Hackman and Helen Dierdorf) on
    15 APR 1959 in Akron, OH (Vallie signed the marriage license application); m#2: __Parker (deceased)     
  5. Vivian Lee Reece– b: 10 JUN 1941, Akron, OH; d: 01 FEB 2004, Candler,NC; m#1: Larry Neitz on 20 JUL 1963 in
    Akron, OH; m#2: Ray Wright (d: 1985)
what information I used.  It’s at this point that Vallie’s story joins with that of her husband, Zeb Vance Reece, and there
you will find more information.  Her children have their own photo pages. Thanks mostly to Vivian’s daughter, Wanda

My work on the McClure family history ends with Vallie's story.

Norma Stamp (Alice Reece-Canada’s daughter)  2011-2016
Belleview, FL  34420  (email if you would like full rez photos)
    In 1900, 1910, 1920 Census Vallie is with her family living in Towns County GA.
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ca. 1936
My notes:

    My Mom and Uncle Vance both said she thought Vallie might have lost a set of twins between her and her sister, Nellie,
    but I do not have any records to support this story. There was also supposedly a boy who died from drinking
    unpasteurized milk but I don't know when this happened.

    I have several memories of my grandmother from visiting her home on Manchester Road, in Akron, OH.  She had many
    cats and a rain barrel for washing hair. And most especially I remember a conversation about tatting (lace making) and
    a shuttle she had.

    Funny thing that just popped into my memory the other day was part of a conversation I had with my grandmother.  I
    don’t know what we were talking about, only that we were in their bedroom and I must have asked, in the way of
    innocents, if they still slept in the same bed and Grandma Reece replied “Yes, he keeps my back warm.”  :-)

    I feel like I know her a little now that I have done the family story and looked at the pictures for long hours.  I do wish I
    had gotten to know her better.
appear below.

    The obituary has many errors and is a good example of what to be wary of when searching for
    information on an ancestor.

    Case in point:

    - The article says it was from a long illness.  When actually it was only a matter of weeks.

    (From her son, Alvin:  In 1973, they came to Ohio for the funeral of Jane’s son, who was killed on the
    road near West Salem when he ran his car under a flat bed truck. She and Zeb had moved to Candler,
    North Carolina in 1965 after he retired from Firestone.  Mother got sick and we rushed her to the
    hospital in Lodi where she passed away after several weeks. She told me she did not want to go back to
    NC. She and dad are buried in a cemetery between Mansfield and Loudonville, Ohio. The cemetery is
    about 14 miles on Route 39 it’s called Greenlawn cemetery. Jane’s son is buried there by my folks.
    (Actually the cemetery is in Ashland County, in Perrysville, OH) (References William E. Lozier b: 29 NOV
    1954; d: 10 APR 1973)

    - It says she was the daughter of Henry and AMERICUS NICHOLS.  Her mother’s name was America Ann

    - It says she married Jeb Reece.  Her husband’s name was ZEB.  Although I did learn that they were
    married in Hayesville, NC.  Previously, I only knew Clay County. NC.

    -  It says they first moved to Ohio in 1926 – I added this to their timeline.

    -  It says they moved to North Carolina in 1964, I believe it was closer to 1965.

    - Daughter, Lucille’s, last name should be Batton.
Information clarification regarding pallbearers listed on the Funeral notice:

·      Bob Canada – husband of daughter, Alice.
·      Fred Hackman – husband of daughter, Nellie
·      Stephen Batton – son of daughter, Lucille
·      Don Whitacre – unknown
·      J.B. Keasler – unknown
·      Ronald Minch – son of daughter, Alice
Visiting her parent’s graves at Old Union Cemetery, Young Harris, GA. This may
have been taken in 1965 when they moved to NC.
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