1770 - 1856
happened to her except that she lived until at least 1820 when their youngest was born.  He married again to Sarah
Kirby (Crawford) on 25 OCT 1823, in Haywood County, NC (She was born ca. 1775 in VA).
(daughter of Josiah Kirby and Anne Wendle).

    There is some speculation that McGaha might be Thomas’ first wife’s maiden name. This has been gleaned from
    many hours searching on the Internet and has not been verified. They would have been married before 1796
    when their eldest was born. Possible birth date for Sarah McGaha is ca 1775 in Buncombe County, NC. She died
    ca. 1823 in Haywood County, NC.

    Thomas McClure is my 4 times great grandfather.
Tracking our Ancestor
    On line 16, Thomas McClure has 2 sons under age 10 and he is somewhere between 26 and 45. It also lists
    one daughter under the age of 10 and his wife as also in the 26-45 age range.

    On line 22 is another Thomas McClure, but the household only shows himself and his wife both between 16
    and 26 with no children.  

    I don’t know which the correct Thomas is and tend to believe it is the one on line 16.  

    Column headings for all census documents can be found HERE
Cutout of 1800  Buncombe Co. NC Census.
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    However, the children do not match in ages and number. As near as I can tell he only had one daughter, I
    am not discounting that this could be the correct family, but more research needs done to verify it. In the
    article entitled "Thomas McClure's Commitment to Haywood County"  mentions that he had taken in some
    orphans;  I believe they could be the extra children.
Cutout of 1810 Haywood Co. NC Census.
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    It is fairly certain that in 1820 he lived in Haywood County, NC. However, once again, the Thomas McClure
    that I found on the 1820 Haywood County NC Census rolls (on line 25, right below Andrew and on the same
    page as a James McClure – which should be his brothers) does not have the same number of children as
    previously thought.

    More research is needed to determine if there were additional children in the household but the story of
    Thomas McClure's Commitment to Haywood County gives us a clue.

    On this census Thomas is now in the 45+ column, which is true because he should be at least 50 years
    old.  There is no female old enough to be the mother listed.  I think he is between wives because he doesn't
    marry Sarah until about 1823.  

    The discrepancy lies with the children.  Elizabeth (born 1820) should be an infant and there are no girls in
    the <10 column.  There are, however, three girls listed later. The only boy in question is found in the Under
    10 year old range where there should not be one. The other marks on the Male side of the sheet fit.
Cutout of 1820 Haywood Co. NC Census.
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In the Haywood County North Carolina Marriage Database 1810-1870 it says that Thomas
McClure married Sarah Crawford on 25 Oct 1823 in Haywood, North Carolina.  The
sources listed on are the County Court Records at Waynesville, NC and
FHL # 0418147 item 2.
wife*, there are 4 children on the list (3 between 10-14 years old and one between 15-19 years old).  The columns on
this census indicate there is a male whose age is 60-69.  This is consistent.  Another male shows up in the 20-29
years old.  Could be any one of the three boys (Joseph would be 20, William 27 and John 29).  

    It would have to be determined whether or not any of these three were still at home. It is entirely possible that
    the additional older female is one of the boy's wives and the younger their offspring.

    * believed to be a census taker error.
1830 Macon County, NC Census  -  Page 1, Edited Excerpt –actually found on line 12
1830 Macon County, NC Census  -  Page 2, Edited Excerpt –actually found on line 12
Cutouts of  1830 Macon County, NC Census.
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household is now between 70 and 79.  The female head of household is between 60 and 69.  There are what I
believe are extended family in the household.  A female listed as being Then he moved to under the age of 10.  
Perhaps they are grandchildren.  There are 6 people living in the household with 4 employed in Agriculture.
1840 Union County, GA Census - Page 1, Edited Excerpt - actually found on line 13
1840 Union County, GA Census - Page 2, Edited Excerpt - actually found on line 13

    Thomas McClure came to Union County Georgia in the late 1830’s, as did many friends and relatives who migrated
    from North Carolina.  Thomas was first a landowner in Haywood County, NC with land on both sides of Crabtree
    Creek.  Thomas moved to Macon County,NC about 1824, owning land on the Cartoogechaya Creek.  He sold his
    last interests in Haywood County property in 1833 and 1834. [see 1834 Haywood Co NC McGee land settlement].   

    This was when Thomas McClure purchased Lot #35, 17th District, 1st section in Union County (formerly Cherokee
    County) from William Kimsey (previous owners were Alexander Crawford, William B. Mann, William Kimsey (1838).  
    The sale took place on January 3, 1842 and the price was $200.00.

    See 1842 Land Purchase from William Kimsey.
Arrow points to Lot #35, 17th District, 1st section

Click on the thumbnail to see a larger view.
Note:  Lot 35 is now in NW Towns County, near Many Forks Church off Gum Log Road.
Click on the thumbnail to see a larger view.
(Pages 105 and 106).  See 1856 Land Sale to Robert Patton.
    1850 Union County GA Census finally gives us names of family members.  Listed (starting on line 33) are:  Thomas
    McGaha, age 60.

    A blended family indeed.
    Thomas was active in building the local churches and is mentioned in an article called “More History of Macon
    Churches” among others. I have also included correspondence that backs up my theory I have the correct Thomas
    McClure. Among the other interesting information is the copy of an email from Joanne Black, in which she discusses
    sending me scans of the 1842 land transaction.
Children of Thomas and Sarah McClure are:

  1. John McClure b: 21 MAY 1801, NC; d: 11 SEP 1881, Huerfano County, CO; m#1: Sarah ___ in 1822, NC (b. 1804); m#2:
    Margaret [?] ca. 1860-1864, NC (b: ca 1831, North Carolina)
  2. William McClure – b: 17 JUN 1803, NC; d: 13 NOV 1866, Waynesville, Haywood County, NC
  3. Joseph McClure – b: 16 JUL 1810, NC; d: 02 NOV 1855, Fayette County, AL; m: Patience Elizabeth McLain on 29 OCT
    1835, AL
  4. Elizabeth McClure – b: 1820, NC; m#1: Harlen Moody (b: 24 APR 1834, Haywood County, NC); m#2: Ira Farmer on 09 OCT
    1845, Haywood County, NC
And in Closing
    Thomas McClure died in 1856, in Union County, GA. That’s it.  That’s all I have.  Despite my best attempts to locate his
    burial place, I come up empty.  If I get anything in the future I will put it on the website.

    It is fairly certain that Thomas’ second wife, Sarah Kirby Crawford, died ca. 1860 in Union or Towns County.  Sarah was
    the widow of George Washington Crawford Senior. She is buried with her first husband in Upper Crabtree Community
    Cemetery, Haywood  County, NC.