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My name is Norma Stamp.

I am a genealogy researcher and I would like to help you find your ancestors.  

I began my own quest by looking for the stories after hearing one about an ancestor living in a hollow tree while their cabin was being built. I
encourage you to talk to any still-living relatives to get their recollections.  They make an invaluable addition to your family history. They can
also provide some leads and probably have photographs in the closet that you never knew existed!

I have spent a lot of time on my own family trees acquired a great deal of research experience with records in the United States often using little
known resources with great success. I am very good at digging for information. I use resources not only from but from a variety of
sources such as state archives and census records.

I am a retired secretary with a knack for details and a high level of technology skill. If you want to see the way I set up my personal family history
for the McClure and Reece sides, it can be reached through the navigation bar on the left or by clicking
here. It is most definitely a work in
progress but will give you an idea of the vast array of information that is out there.

Keep in mind that sometimes records have been destroyed through wars, fire or a disaster of another kind and I can’t help. I cannot take any
responsibility for the information I uncover (e.g. skeletons in the closet).

My research is Internet based only. I will do a preliminary search to determine if the records are available or not and you can decide if you wish
to go ahead. If I am unable to find any information for you there is no charge.

My rate is $15.00 per hour and carries a four hour minimum. My preferred method of payment is PayPal as this protects us both but if you are
unable to pay this way we can arrange an alternative method of payment.  I will send you a link to your information so you can download it.

Documentation I may uncover could include digital copies of birth, death or marriage certificates. If you require certified copies of American
Births, Death or Marriage documents there is a fee.  I will provide you with the address and ordering information.

Technical assistance to those family researchers who just want some ideas on where to search next is available.  I can do as little or as much as
you want.  

Another service I offer is designing a web site and/or hosting of your family story on my website. I will host the information for 30 days, this is
included in your cost.  If you wish it to be permanent there is a yearly charge.

I can also compile your documents (information, documents, photos etc) can provide files ready for printing. If you have limited access to a
computer and you want a paper copy I can have your files printed and will advise you of the exact cost (including postage) before this is done.

Another alternative is to consider publishing your family story on a print-on-demand site, like Café Press. If you decide to do this, I can provide
all work in a pdf file ready to upload for distribution. I will show you how you can open a free store so your friends and family can order their own

I keep complete and accurate research records which will be available to you via email. All service is personalized.  Source documentation is
always included with genealogy reports.

                                                              I look forward to working with you!

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America’s Journal!  I also just ordered your book.  I’m so excited to get it!  Thank you for sharing your
enormous research and compiling it into a logical progression of content.  Your website is the site to go to for:

·         stories  and pictures of ancestors

·         maps and pictures of where our family lived  and owned properties

·         documentation verifying information found and supporting family stories

·         history/civil war/military information for how our family was involved in shaping the U.S.  

·         wealth of information for children’s school reports

·         providing the groundwork for future genealogists

You were thoughtful in your presentation of each ancestor and gave personal insight into what the documents
could mean to interconnect families in other ways than marriage and blood i.e. Henry and America’s fathers
fighting in the same battle at Perryville, Kentucky.

Thank you for a well done job!

McClure Site: